Milling Biomass

Good morning :sun_with_face: Will you please help me find a used trash shredder or something similar we can use to shred flower with in feed belt with hopper so we can dump one super sack of flower at a time in hopper and out feed belt filling super sacks. Open to suggestions Thank you :pray:

Here’s a good place to start


We have found that using a conveyor to feed the shredder, then dumped back onto a holding table/into a super sack works best for us. We were getting too much weight compacting the material and it would stick inside the hopper. Then you spend countless time with a stick, hating life and not being productive.

Metered feed is the term that was slipping my mind.


Just to make it easier on the next visitor:


How many pounds or kilos to process per hour?, What brand is it I’m looking for some good options if you can point me in the right direction

I’ll walk up to the grinder in just a bit. Pounds per hour would be well over a thousand. We never push it and just grind what we need to extract. We may have gone overboard for what we need, but it will also make bowling balls, plastic buckets, cats, or anything else you toss in the same size.

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Grinder and hammer mill if needed. And before anyone jumps me on cleanliness, we added a diverter so the hammermill won’t clog and just ran some material through to test it out. We are gonna send a little more through after some tweaking and prep for the fall harvest.

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What’s the price on these items

The info price tag is very high imo :heart_eyes:i heard that futurola does also a good job not milling too thin… But would like to hear any real feedback :slight_smile:

Expensive to really expensive. When it says call for a quote, you already have your answer.

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