Milestone Ethos X1.0 Microwave for sale!

Item Model/Manufacturer: Milestone Ethos X 1.0 +12L reactor components
Description: Milestone Ethos X Microwave
Price/MSRP: Asking 22.5k obo, MSRP 37.5k
Current location of item: Port Huron, Michigan
Estimated lead time: 1 week to coordinate shipment (immediate pick up available)
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: Available for all questions, 1 year warranty if you upgrade the unit to the 2.0

Selling my Milestone Ethos X 1.0 Microwave.

I originally purchased the unit in 2020 for 37.5k to RnD as a heating tool for a few lab applications. I only ran the system for about 10hrs total time and has been safely stored in a lab space since.

I did not purchase the 1.0 condenser kit which costs 2.9k; however, I did purchase the 12L reactor kit as seen in the pictures (needs a new 12l glass base 1.9k)

Recently Milestone has updated their design to a 2.0 with a rotating reactor to prevent overheating small portions of the sample. The 1.0 can be upgraded to the 2.0 model for about 15k. This includes all the glassware and condensers, as well as installation & 1 year warranty.
The new 2.0 system sells new for about 54.5k.

I am looking to get about 22,500 from the unit as it is in perfect working condition. 22,500 + 15,000 (Upgrade kit) puts you at a total cost of 37,500 a 31% savings if you were going to purchase new.

I have never ran the Milestone Ethos X with their SOP so don’t have knowledge or experience with their finished terpenes.

If interested, please feel free to reach out with any questions. I would suggest speaking to milestone for a demo or specifics about their methodology and returns.

Dabtown Dylan

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Price dropped to 20k for the Microwave Unit.

Too bad you never got it running. I’m interested to see how these work

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I love your name.

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Bump Free consulting available with purchase Distillation, Terpenes, Diamonds, Solventless, etc

Great Lab microwave for warming disty, terpene distillation, ramen, etc

Down to 15k if someone wants a baller microwave to heat distillate or upgrade to use as a terpene extractor.

Bump down to 10k, going to liquidate on some auction sites shortly unless someone needs a lab grade microwave or base for a microwave terpene distillation system.