Mid infra-red analysis Big Sur etc


I was wondering what experiences and/or comments this group might have with respect to small, user-friendly analytical tools. I am not an analytical chemist, but this looks like a valuable system for our various hemp and rec cannabis related enterprises. Alternative? suggestions?

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I think the big sur machine is worth it weight in gold (which is about as much as it costs) as long as the .3% limit stays in place. It is an invaluable tool to any farmer trying to maximize cbd content without going hot. Outside of that I see some potential for large scale breeders but little else… Maybe we can crowd fund one and offer our own testing service at an extremely affordable rate as it requires no consumables.

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Haven’t used the Big Sur, was really hoping the creator would show up here. Have not had much joy with the Sage Analytics.

Most of the options are at least mentioned over on: In House analytics


How much does it cost ball park? I’m not finding anything.

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I recall on the order of $25k.

I’ve heard a lot of prices since I contacted them back in June 2018…there’s a finite possibility that price was for the Perkin Elmer device using similar tech.

25k is what I was quoted as well. They have a bare bones version for a little less I think.

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