Microwave digestion system CEM, MARS 6

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Description:MARS 6
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The item has been partially used only for 3 months. It is like new.

How do you see it employed in the cannabis industry?

That is a very expensive machine.

Cannabinoids have about zero absorption in the 0.7 to 3 GHz band…

I have used it as an R&D machine performing Accelerated Microwave Extraction. Pretty cool!
The problem is scalability. Most labs use this machine for digestion to measure heavy metals in cannabis samples.

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You ever try protic…aqueous methanol 50/50?
I’m talking cannabinoic acid extraction + a zap or two microwaves?

We’ve done some work dehydrating cannabinoic acid hydrates with microwaves.

I took a close look at this system…and it did not perform as expected…I would suggest 75-85% Methanol…for better efficiency…Zap briefly like 15 sec at 20% duty cycle…you can alway zap more if you don’t like the extraction efficiency, but you can not undo over heating and so just little zaps, cool then rezap……you want to keep the acid form…
Filter, LLE with pentane…dry and hopefully crystallize. simple but it uses methanol. If you don’t know how to get rid of methanol do use this for consumption. This is just a quick pre extract for analytical work. Of course ultrasound works perfectly …continuous mode…3-5 min…you’re done.