Micron levels and boiling point temperatures

My micron levels are in the high 200s as you can see at 290 what is the typical boiling point temperature everyone stops at in that micron range ?

Where are you taking measurement from?

I’m at 155 vapor temp 175 mantle temp but I am measuring my vac between my two cold traps.

From right here for right now, I plan on moving it to right before my first cold trap or right after my second cold trap after I get my new parts in

You have a lot of spots (joints, threads) for leaks. Try and minimize if possible.


That is my plan this coming week, I have a butt load of new better parts showing up I’m just looking for typical boiling points to what micron level everyone is running at

What size pumps is everyone running and what size liter setup ?

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Ok I will check it out

What size system are you running and size vacuum pump? Also how much material do you run each time in the boiling flask, do you notice the more your boiling the harder it is to get to a lower vacuum level

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A vacuum is a place with no particles
Vapor are particales the harder the boil the more particales
So higher cfm is needed to compensate

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My next question to everyone is a 24cfm rotary vane vacuum pump more then enough for a 5 liter spd?

It has been suggested on here before 4 cfm per l

Now is that with a wide open system like open bore or laminar setup or can those averages be used as well with a stupid silicone hose setup like mine is right now? What other general factors typically play into that average?

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Diameter of tubing wider the better
Length of tubing shorter the better
Material of tubbing stainless steel best
Cfm per liter of flask 4. Cfm per liter minimum 8 cfm per liter great average

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So if there is 5 liters of material in a 5 liter filling flask one would need a 40 cfm pump to be most efficient ?

Yes 40 cfm in use with 3 liter material is efficient ( most efficient debatable)
Don t put 5 liter in a 5 liter flask please


So I run a 5liter setup with 2-3 liters typical and run a 24 cfm pump on that because that us what I can afford, is that a big enough pump in theory to be efficient and effective

Yes you should be fine if it a two stage

Yes sir 2 stage 24 cfm rotary vane, I can get down to 240-290 micron with the silicone hose. Ut I’ve got parts coming in this week that will make my system like a laminar or full bore setup.

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Brand and model ?
You should try to get her under the 50 mic when gauging directly on the pump

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