Micro/sugar crystals Vs. Boulders


That’s badass…I been waiting on some easier method!..

If you burp every time blimps u burp a lot?


I might be wrong but my general understanding is crystal size has to do with terp profile.


Somewhat, it helps, but w otss your actually forcing it

I’ve never tried without any but I’ve had some without much at all

And was under the impression you can recrystallize just the crystals in same way


This is what happens when you don’t blast cold. I left my column over night and my buddy noticed it was at 55psi in the morning. So he did me a favor and opened the valve at the bottom to dump what was left into the collection pot. :man_facepalming: I have 4 jars from that run that look like this. :rage:


Fats and waxes make it budder w my experience which looks like that I think hard to tell


Yeah, I know. That’s not what I’m after though.


Yep you got it right cold as fuck!

I hate budder!


This was the first run I ever did. My boys where standing around like it’s cold enough let’s go, when we where around -30c. I was like they told me it had to be cold my my bro we waiting a little more. :joy::joy::joy:


Live resin fresh frozen has giving me the biggest diamonds I’ve played with dog solvents strait propane gives big diamonds but seems like I’m getting more sauce than diamonds got best results with tri mix ( prop n tane iso) pretty much half crys half suave but not as big diamonds keep in mind strait propane runs very high pressure tubes will reach 90 psi wen dethawing and solvent tank always reaches 90 wen recovering be careful!!!


Super-saturated means there is very little solvent…

If you had so much solvent you were concerned the lid was going to blow, you’re using the term “saturated” incorrectly (backwards).

That may be how you’ve heard it used, but you’ll be better off using the term the way the chemists do…


U ever tried cracking the lid and changing the saturation rate and setting back for week…I bet you get way more to drop!

Any time growth stalls try that first!


I have quite a few liters of tiny crystals, i would like to wash them clean wirh cold pentane then try to grow big diamonds. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I was told ro wash with cold pentane then take the thca and add to room temp/warm pentane does that sound right?