Michigan processing and distribution

My boss and I had a long business discussion today. He runs multiple business’ and buildings in metro detroit. He has a small business grow and has a few friends in the industry. I just learned this today after he told me I should grow weed and to his surprise I said I did. That led into the discussion of a processing facility. He has the buildings, money and drive to do this. The one thing I will not let happen though is him being just a chad with this idea. Thats kind of how he is with our current business. He lets me run it how I want and he has no knowledge of the field. This being said I know the good names here that do consults and I will be reaching out to you. This may take 6 months, a year or it might start tomorrow I am not sure how quick he will be but I know he is gonna do this. With that being said I figured I would create a thread for anyone that wants to chime in on anything related to this. If you think you can help reach out to me. Post some tips, ideas or whatever, lets talk. I am not the guy that will build his business but I am the guy that will get him the guys that will. Than I will learn the trade one step at a time and hopefully one day be able to extract some fine product. Dont think I am some dude thinking he is gonna run this show or try to be big man on campus. I am looking for people to tell me/us what to do, You guys are the best of the best.


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Start with something low tech like rosin! Or just make carts and gummies.

Rosin only works if you grow yourself or partner with a known good farm with consistent results.

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