Michigan hemp processors

Anyone know of a processor in Michigan looking for biomass?

There are a few of us here.

What are you looking to have done?
What area are you in?
What % are you looking for?

Thc or cbd?


I’m in South West mi near Indiana border. This is hemp cbd at 12.5% variety is cherry blossom. I was hoping to sell because I don’t have a buyer for crude. It’s still hanging but will be all dried and bucked within 2 weeks. Relatively small harvest probably around 2000 pounds but hopefully a little more. Very nice quality plants not full of mold. I also know others looking to move more if interested. Thanks for any info. This place is a great information source

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Are you looking to unload the flower, or have ot extracted?

Looking to unload

I’m interested and located in southwest Michigan near vicksburg hit me up!

Looking for some near Monroe, maybe 100 lbs to start, dried or fresh frozen, for smokes,extracts, and researching chromotography for thc remediation. text me at 734-717-6144

you still processing hemp? Thanks

How much are you trying to sell it for. And do you have just one strain

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