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Hey Future Fam,

Long time reader/follower and new to platform interaction. As a man of science I respect this forum as a place of knowledge and prospects for the future. I have held off on making this post to make sure I had adequate documentation to present.

That being said I am happy to hopefully make a splash. We do live liquid culture microbes (beneficial bacteria and fungi). I would like to say for soil but the implications are universal. It began with an old timer in West Texas looking for a natural solution for consuming oil spills and other organic matter via bioremediation. He came across microbes. The first organisms on the planet. The beginning of symbiosis. They have cared for this planet since the beginning of time and are what people are referring to when they say “live soil”.

The medium whether it be soil, coco, hydro, or aqua rely on these microbes and the diversity they bring to the soil and even the body (human body). We just put back what was supposed to be there in the first place and make overall efficiency and well being go through the roof.

EC tests show the consumption of nutes goes up astronomically. And what can be considered anecdotal evidence such as 40% yield increases because every single plant will be so different it will be a varying factor. However, one truth remains- biodiversity is king- we have traveled the planet to harvest the most efficient microbes for our soil. Corona Report (DNA Sequencing shown below). But the key is the consortium being self sustaining, yes it has the largest variety but the true key is the circle of life. As it should be. Hunters, foragers, decomposers. Microbes left without all of the other organisms they rely on still fall short. These statements hold true for everything from the golf courses I work with, grows of any kind hydro, coco, aqua etc, becasue they are universal truths.

Because this is new to the forum I will not bore you with picture documentation that can be easily doctored or more anecdotal nonsense on how my microbe consortium will quite surely change everything, I offer a challenge. I will supply my microbes for free for a number of members to run a trial. Then allow their results to speak for the product through other forum goers. I truly can’t wait to work with you all.

Ok here is a touch of anecdotal nonsense. Same age, same strain, same everything except the plants on the right received 1oz/ gallon of microbes. (Remember they cannot be over or underdone as the colony will self correct for efficiency)

And one more from a golf course I do work at. This is 2 days after over-seed and just shows the increase in germination. For me it makes my heart swell up but I understand picture documentation doesn’t carry weight.

That is all

Cheers and Happy Planting all!


Curious what bacteria species you are using and if you culture them yourself or order individual bacteria to mix up?
Definitey the best way to grow in my not-at-all humble opinion

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My apologies. I meant to attach the Corona Report which is full dna sequencing. We harvest microbes from many places and still search for new strains. As you can see close to 15% of our consortium which is most likely thousands of strains aren’t detectable by the most modern technology.

We harvest and culture them in house. The tubs have no pipes and will fully turnover its so active. But the end product is edible and truthfully I take them everyday and the bugs(microbes) have cured my 25 year heartburn. But that’s a story for another time.


I’d be interested in giving your microbes a go. I’m a hobby grower only if that makes a difference.

I’m running 12 13 gallon current culture RDWC. Nute line Jacks 3,2,1 with fulvic. Water temps stay pegged at 68 f, 3000 watts of LED COBS.

Let me know if I can help.


I’d be interested in trying them out. I’m getting ready to start a new trial run and could run half with your stuff and exactly how you suggest to use it and half just the normal way that I’d normally grow. I’d use the Timestamp App for all pictures and could give you weekly updates on the progress. Let me know if you’d be interested and I’ll hold off until I get things that you suggest. Totally willing to pay for shipping if it helps you out. My currently plan would be 6 weeks of veg and then flower. The setup I’d be using for this would be a 4x4 with LED with UV/IR. The smaller tent will give me a better control on the whole thing. Let me know.

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I’d also like to try them out. Not interested in posting any public trial data but willing to share anecdotal evidence with you personally and pay for the product sample.

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That will be just fine, really just want friends on the forum. Hopefully to vouch and spread the word. Send me a pm and I will work it out.

Can’t wait. Shoot me a pm and I will get it ironed out.

Sounds good to me! Pmed you

Interested! Id be happy to do some side by sides.

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I have a full list of samples going out. Thank you for everyone who showed interest. Orders and samples will be on the way tomorrow the 31st.

I couldn’t be more excited to get to work with some members of the forum.

Cheers all


Did this really help your heartburn? Any idea if it could be beneficial for nausea?


Niceeee. Thats alot of diversity. I would love to test this but im at the end of my season and won’t be doing another crop until march or april unfortunately.


I will still be around then I promise you that. Let me know when youre about to start the new crop and I will get you setup.


Yea that is a little bit of a longer story and ties to gut micro biome. I don’t want to make unfounded claims, nor do I want the general public to drink bugs like water. However, I have taken them for months everyday and that is 100% an outcome I have seen. Others have seen far more important reactions to overall health with the increase in biodiversity of the gut from consuming our microbes. That is apart of our long game. A billion dollar war with big pharma about how the general idea of bacteria and its purpose and utility is brutalized and misunderstood.

For now the focus is to show the importance of it in our own external ecosystems (green life) and to quantify the immediate difference it makes after culturing these beneficial organisms. Then to continue evolving the understanding of the first life on the planet and why it is crucial to all life.


I made a ferment of horsetail, made with lactic acidosis bacteria serum, and it was gross tasting but didn’t hurt me, and I wouldn’t feed the plants something I wouldn’t drink myself

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For those who received samples- storage is anywhere room temperature. No need to refrigerate or temp control.

I would also say try not to leave them in the excess of extreme cold or extreme heat for extended periods of time. Low temps some species will begin to go dormant, high temps and in a jug without the cover of soil and cover crop could begin to kill them.

Thanks all.

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