Methanol winterizing


I’ve been doing primarily methanol winterization for a bit now with decent results. Ran into something odd. Usually I just do a 2 day winterize, but left some stuff for a week.

I usually run 6-8:1 for solvent to oleo.

Had some weird stuff happen, I’m guessing there might have no been enough solvent with the oil? But instead of just waxes, it seems like a ton of stuff dropped out. I was left with A beautiful red/orange methanol solution, then a slick black oil layer at the bottom.

I’m redissolving the remaining oil in methanol again and re-winterizing (there’s a bunch in there), to see how it goes. But just curious if anyone’s had this happen before?

Get it tested

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Good call :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take a sample, but redissolve the remainder and winterize again. (Deadlines and rent and all that)

There’s a bit of charcoal in there so I was thinking the charcoal acted as a flocculating agent? But there definitely seems like there’s a ton of something still left in there.

Seems like theres two separate oily layers in there too. One stuck to the bottom. Then something runnier and slicker moving around on top.

I’ve left 85gs of shatter dissolved in 350ml of methanol in the Freezer for at least a month and a week and this hasn’t happened

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Hmm, my other thoughts were there was some water in the crude when evapped. Bringing the methanol percentage down.

Some people do room temp winterizing with methanol at 80//20, so I’m guessing perhaps I got some water issues?

I dissolved ait in fresh methanol and popped it back in the freezer to test

I’m planning on using methanol + ac for winterization first time using this solvent for this purpose -adding powdered ac to the solvent, the filtering over aluminum oxide and T5 will be a problem or no?

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Seems just fine

Have you done room temp with 80/20 yet? That’s what I’d like to do- if I was gonna freeze it I’d just use ethanol, filtering the stuff and keeping temps cold throughout filtration has been a bitch.


@beaker always did it with great success. I do believe he’d start with 99% and then add water to watch the waxes precipitate? I haven’t tried room temp yet. Was waiting for my analytics to come in to test the efficacy of both methods


Rip sweet prince :crown:


I wonder if the water helps get the chlorophyll out of solution as well? I know chlorophyll has a hard time dissolving in methanol, but dramatically more so when its cold. I’ve tried 90/10 before, but I’ll try the 80/20 tomorrow at room temp after I filter what’s currently winterizing and add citric acid before tossing back in the freezer.

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I think the chlorophyll is happy to go into water? Or I think the thought around here is higher water % in your initial solvent, the higher chlorophyll pickup to expect. Though this was mostly tested with ethanol I think

I use methanol only , in my experience when it has that wierd thicker oil ifs chlorophyll