Mesh Gaskets


What size mesh gaskets are you guys runing in your bho closed loop and why?


Depends on what your outcome needs to be
… Diamonds,crc,crude

I second the don’t use em, filter plates w supports and papers for the win, but I still have couple down wind my plates, they don’t do anything but seal as gasket


I don’t use these anymore. I just use regular gaskets + filter paper support.


I use multiple size mess gaskets, 25 um down to 5um. I like them for i case shit.
I also use paper and sinster disc


Mostly diamonds, suggar wax and shatter. Looking into crc soon though.


Do you get any material in your end product?


No. It works way better. The mesh only goes down to like 50 micron. With papers you can run at much lower.


I have to 2 UM mash and down to 5UM mesh gaskets


Oh where from?


I run a 20 micron paper filter, then a 3 micron filter, in a filter stack at the bottom of my column. I also have a redundant 25 micron mesh gasket just above the collection base. I catch nothing in the mesh, but redundancy is easy…so why not. My extract is clean of material.


Bvv has 5um mesh gaskets and larger


Do they not get worse and worse from pressure?


The mess


Yeah the really small pore mesh


I havent noticed that. They might be


We use 150 micron gaskets on our units. I like having them there, even though to some degree that filtration is rendered redundant by using material tube socks, and glass wool filter sandwiches at the bottom of the tube.

An extra layer of insurance never hurt anybody.


What papers are you using? When i first started using a cls i used paper and i was getting product in end material so i switched to mesh gaskets since.


Were you using a filter support and ring? I’m using whatman filters.


Yeah i was. It wasn’t a lot of product that got through. Maybe the papers i was using. Not even sure where they came from. I had a filter plate then would place my filter paper then ring then filter support on top then a gasket that connected the tube to filter plate.


What “whatman” filters are you using?