MEP 30 For Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: MEP 30
Description: I have a Mep30 in Santa Cruz CA with a huber 902 chiller and low hrs used corkin recovery pump (worth $29k, inc.) It also has a couple heaters and two MVP chillers for the recovery side. Also CRC column and multiple fuel tanks including 2-50lb fuel tanks that come with ETS purchase and 1-100lb master fuel with chilled wrap for tank. Looking for $50k for complete system.
Price/MSRP: $50k - OBO
Current location of item: Santa Cruz CA
Estimated lead time: Days 3
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:


Great price

Where was the 902 being used, for condensing/recovery?

Just sent mesage

With a 902 and the Corkin? This is a steal, bump for whoever grabs this deal.


It was used for Recovery but only has under 300hrs on it.