Menthol carts


During the hot summer I had an idea and directly tried it: Did anyone tried doing menthol carts? I just used extract, little terps and methol crystals (solved in diluent). The taste is awesome, relly fresh and still makes you high with the special taste and effect of methol (especially during summer).

Has anyone tried this? Is it dangerous? (I could not find anything here but maybe someone knows) Because it tastes sooooo good :slight_smile:

It’s in Vape juice so I wouldn’t see it posing a huge issue, nice refreshing idea though! Now if you could mimic a Newport that would bring me back…


I am not sure: What do you mean by “vape juice”. There is no PG, VG, or MCT in it. Its for vaping in carts!
And: What is a Newport?

Ah vape juice as what is used in nicotine vapes, it was a statement that they use it so I am pretty sure it’s fine to use in the way you are. Newport is a cigarette company known for their menthol cigarettes (one of my favorites back when I smoked)


What do I win?


Lmao Q and his cart game be strong

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I’ve made menthols for a while. Best I’ve found to use was L- Menthol isolate from Abstrax Tech at 5% by weight.


You name the prize…

Thats not real hemp tho

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Oh shit, ur right! It was a long time ago when I used them before I learned more about terps, I just assumed they were. My bad dude.

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You don’t need to apologize​:joy::rofl: im just trying to educate the people!!!


Lol, maaaan I’m new here and putting out some bad info about whatever is or isn’t in a product is not a road I’m looking to travel here haha.
I stand by the original apology :joy: