Members bulk buy + cart test lab, lower prices, share experience, who's in?

Edit. I decided to edit the original post, as it wasn’t short and impossible to understand. (Special thanks to blue dream by floraplex)

I’ve been importing from China for many years in other businesses, currently have storage / testing facility in FL and I’m looking for community members to bulk buy with me to lower prices and improve quality / info sharing.

Other than lowering prices I’m also looking into improving QA, on top of the factories.
Currently I test for assembly, resistance and leaks. Other tests such as heavy metal testing is on my to-do list.

To clear the confusion blue dream stated earlier, I’m not a cart seller, I’m a community member looking for bonding, lol.


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As much as you’d like us to believe this isn’t a foreign ad, here’s a few examples from your post that lead me to believe otherwise,

“the knowledge acquired here enabled me to operate in a legal location, which access to shipping worldwide.”
This honestly just doesn’t make sense to me, personally.

“thinking out of the box”
The proper phrase is “thinking outside of the box”

“If you’re whiling”

“on top in the factories”
On top in the factories?

“I’m already at import export business for many years”
You’re already AT import business?

If you’d like to hire me as a personal translator, please DM me. My price is quite high though, señor.


Long story longer


I’m not Chinese sales rep or anything, but I’m not English native either, sorry about my poor writing. I do speak quite well tho. Being so, you don’t have to mock me for it, if you don’t actually understand something I’m probably high… I’m no señor or need translation services, ok? If you’re interested in saving money buying carts / batteries you’re welcome to stay around and ask me anything you want.

My interest behind this is to lower my own price, while contributing with this amazing community that helped a lot.

I do buy directly from factories and the prices lower considerably with higher volumes. (I already pay less than the said prices I see around the forum)


the knowledge acquired here enabled me to operate in a legal location, which access to shipping worldwide.”

Appears I was higher than I thought when I wrote this, as I don’t understand it myself, haha.

What I’m talking about is my setup. I have a facility in US (FL) that processes my orders, from there, it’d be just an extra step to ship a few boxes around North America.

I’ll make a sheet and share here at some point, which also proves I’m not a seller, as for now I’m a member talking to my community buddies to see if we can help each other out.



Interested in some top airflow cartridges, do you test for heavy metals? What kind of failure rate do you guarantee? What are your return and exchange policies like?

I’m sure many of us could use your help.

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Wait… how long have I been able to edit people’s posts? Wiiiiiiiild!!! I promise to use this new power only for evil :joy::rofl:


I was just pointing out that you said long story short, and then went on to tell a long story haha.

Keep it simple. People dont like to read long posts.


Regular members can edit titles and move threads to subs

Uh oh… Apparently you are a well enough respected member of the community to earn the privilege. I trust you will use it appropriately


Haha oh goodness. He’s just gonna edit memes into peoples posts :joy::joy:

They do make top airflow, I’ll get a whole list of them and share asap.

I use another model, and for my specific setup my failure rate is under .5%, and it’s always by defective resistance, which is tested in my QA before sent out. I had literally zero leaking so far.

As for heavy metal and other kinds of testing, I intend to expand my cart testing QA, as it’s been concerning us all lately. The factory says it’s clean, but I only confirm what I test.

As for warranty, they provide up to 3% compensation in next order, my personal experience has been .5%. The defective units don’t have to be returned, as long there is evidence of failure and not wrong usage (eg. customer leaves the pen on and long press the button on the pocket)

I currently test for assembly, leak, and resistance, more tests could be implemented overtime as we share experience (again heavy metal testing on my radar)

I’m experienced with forums (been in several), but you guys have a really particular way to use it (which I can’t describe). How is it better to organize the info we gather here? Normally I would edit the first post to add everything as it goes, but that maybe doesn’t make sense here. Suggestions are welcomed


PS: LMAO @ the editing discovery.

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Yup, you’re right about that, rewrote the original thing, sorry. I just felt bullied about it hahaha.

@Future, my good sir, considering the proposition, would “Vendors” still be the appropriate section?


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