Medusa stone SOP

Ok, I want to see who else is able to reproduce Medusa stones. A bunch of different people have gotten Medusa stones but this is what I’ve been able to do to repeate chalk stones at different locations. If you experience THCa rapidly crashing when you jar it I can almost guarantee this will make chalk stones.
Take thca that has been spun clean and redissolve in butane, it is a bitch to dissolve fyi. Once it is dissolve pour it thin as water into miner or jar. I would recommend a miner, one note to add is this entire process must be kept below 67 f to happen for sure. My room is cold af around 58 most days. I can cap a pretty wet solution in a jar in that room. A miner is recommended if you don’t have a safe space for a jar to pop (a fume hood). If you notice a bunch of sugar drop out (you probably will) chill the jar with some dry ice and pour the liquid into a clean jar. Crash the liquid and you should see block style crystals forming in the first day or two. Another strange thing you may notice is the vessel will have little to no pressure despite being almost all butane.

Be safe obviously because it’s a wet pour but if you are able to replicate in this manner let me know!


Hmmm the only way I can think of this happening is a azeotrope with butane
This means your tane is azeotrpicly bound to a other compound in the mix rising butane /mixture bp by 20 C Wich is highly unlikely but can t think of any other reason


I’ll show you a video of me taking the top off a 63 degree jar that is 80% butane easily. It doesn’t bubble doesn’t boil nothing. After sitting for literally like 5 minutes it instantly boiled and shot absolutely everywhere.


Hmmm cool another dive in the abys
After 5 min ??? Weird does the jar feel colder than it s surroundings when capped ?

Would love to see this video


Chalk/medusa stones sound like they are behaving more glass like than crystal. I havent made chalk stones, but have made butane re-x shatter(glass) that would nucleate in very interesting ways, very unstable similar to how the stones are described.

Though the obvious point against that thought is their crystal shape and dimensions.


I made them with the intention to make regular bho diamonds and got this:

These had the rectangular/squared facets and were very clear when I harvested and sent them to the client. Client sent me back what’s pictured above.


Ya I’ve seen it happen to just lightly crced stuff. Did you crash this out below 72 degrees?


Yes, I’d say about 65-70*f.


so was that returned?

Yes thumps, returned and refined with pentane into clear thca diamonds with no issues.


shits strange, it looks ok u how to smoke it? break off a tiny chunk? does it even stick to a dabber? My buddy didnt like fresh frozen loud oil and i took it as a return but he likes black oil from old weed? Its covid and there was news about bad vapes and his wife got a cold and blamed the fresh oil.


I have 3 jars sitting around the same temp doing the same thing lol. Was talking about this today and how we should cap it really quick before it launchs in our face


Duke: just to be absolutely clear about what goes into the centrifuge to be redissoved in butane: question…this is absolutely just
bho extract, no CRC or Charcoal of any kind. Is that correct?

Now the CRC people need to keep in mind that their preps are fundamentally different, material removed, and material contaminated.
People following your instructions need to differentiate at this point…
i.e., do the experiment for sure…but remember you (CRC) are different.

CRC seems to make it more likely to chalk right from the start. Impurities seem to limit the fast crash/chalk. Literally every single form of THCa I have tried this with with product chalk. From fast crash thca, to normal clear thca diamonds to other chalk. If it tests as thca via HPLC it makes chalk with this sop for me at several places.

best regards,

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@Dukejohnson can you please give us a more detailed description of what you mean
by “take thca that has been spun clean”…do you mean chalked stones from a mother liquid jar as “thca” or do you mean clear diamond stones (no chalk) in mother liquid as starting material?
When spinning clean do you include any secondary spin with cold
alkane…final wash…? I think it important you make that distinction.

I could be wrong but I think he means spinning them clean in a centrifuge


I am talking about the source and characterization of the stones he puts into the centrifuge…and whether he washes a bit extra after the first spin. Thank you, apologize if my note was confusing.

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It’s obvious this only happens when cold growing stones

I’m betting the stones aren’t as bonded together as tightly and letting trapped tane evap