Mechanical/Piping Design Engineer looking to get out of the OiI/Gas/Petrochem/LNG industry

It may be a long shot but id still like to try…

Im in Southern Maine and I’d love to get into the CBD/Cannabis industry In New England outside of what im doing now. I’m currently A Lead Mechanical Design Engineer in the O&G field but im also operating a Caregiver business outside of my current full time job.

Im not really sure where i’d fit in but i have 16+ years of experience in the mechanical field laying out facilities from pipeline launchers/receivers, Metering/regulating and compression facilities on up to multi billion dollar plant upgrades (Motiva in Texas City). Leading mechanical group designers and engineers, producing bid packages, feed studies, conceptualizing and creating P&ID’s, 3D modeling full facilities and generating IFC packages for construction, site surveying and as built walk-downs, budgeting and man hour loading/projections, etc. Im a very well versed design engineer and over the last 7 years I’ve shifted more towards the project management/Lead/Senior engineering role.

Over the last 20+ years I’ve always had my hands in the Cannabis industry, whether it was setting up Black market hydroponic grows for friends in closets, designing and building large scale greenhouse hydroponic systems for friends that have moved out west over the years to more recently getting hot and heavy in the extraction and distillation scene where im having more fun then ever setting up my basement lab, ha.