MCT & Distillate Mixing

So I have 500 ml of distillate coming in wanted to add in a 5% cut of pure c8 mct oil , right now my production slow only doing 50 carts a day , so would it be okay to mix all 500 on magnetic stirrer and pour 50 ml to work on it and store the rest for reheating later? Will reheating burn off the mct oils?

It will get alot darker everytime you heat it

Why cut it with MCT?


Oil I use is always so thick and I can’t use more than 7% terps without it being too harsh

Maybe try to cut with CBD @ 5-15% to get it to the viscosity you want. At 20-30% CBD it’s nearly free flowing even at room temp. All natural cut.


Best to add and stir by hand to reduce color changes ? (Dist and terps )

The terps will oxidize the distilate if you leave it in there and exposed to air. Best to make and use just what you need, it’ll las longer and look better in a cart vs sitting half full in a jar being reheated repeatedly


Ok, can you cold mix terps to minimize negative affects. Or I can use super low heat on my mag stir plate.

I use heat with my stirrer, its usually about 130f before going into carts i also dont use cut and make batches only for what i need

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That makes sense. Any experience in using a cart with CBD added like that? I would imagine it would make it more pleasant and more of a heavy effect when added

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I have a jar hanging around of some 55% thc, 38%cbd and minors bringing the total up to 98% cannabinoids. It had great color and no flavor. You could put it straight into carts or flavor it. I have a video and coa somewhere but I’m away from my office for a few days.

This was not on purpose. Someone sold us crude cut with CBD crude.

in my experience this just gets thicker. ive mixed in cbd distillate plenty of times myself because I wanted something super mild and even 20-30% was crystallizing slightly. enough to get caked on the glass. it definitely wasn’t thinner/free flowing. not sure why yours had movement.

Codistilled not mixed perhaps. I have videos and COAs. Happy to share Wednesday.

I still have about 200g of this left.