May be time for a new job

Yo F4200 fam. Colorado market is being consolidated by public companies big time. Market is in the shitter. Pounds are going for like $300-$500 if it isn’t boutique brand like GDL… If you aren’t part of one of these companies, you are slowly but surely getting squeezed out.
Long story short, our company is also feeling the effects of the market badly. Just had to close our grow temporarily and hope the market turns around sometime soon. I know of several other companies in the same boat.

Point is I think it might be time to look outside of our company for a new job. I am willing to relocate but I just got a new house in October and can’t sell until we live here for 2 years (capital gains tax will take almost 50% of my profit unless we live here for 2 years+). And I would need all of that money in order to relocate.
Hydrocarbon extraction (equipment and actually turning valves) and infused product manufacturing (from various edibles to topicals to all sorts of vapes) are my bread and butter. Also familiar with post processing, through distillation. Understand the basics of ethanol extraction too, but not my forte. Quick learner though.
I’ve been Director of Production for the company I work for now for about 3 years. Been here about 7.5 years total. Our MIP/kitchen is still operating despite the grow closing, as we are still profitable in the MIP, but I have a feeling the edibles market is going to do the same as the flower market.
I’ve consulted for multiple companies in extraction, infused product manufacturing, and facility buildout. I can provide references.
Also familiar with production schedules, inventory flows, data collection, google sheets/excel, purchasing, and vendor relations. I have been involved with every level of the industry other than retail sales, from trimming to Directing entire departments.

If anyone has anything available, hit me up! DM is fine.


This is happening everywhere. Be careful relocating and putting yourself out on a limb to get another 18onths in a different state. My states is seeing pounds at or around $1000 and no signs of getting better. If you can’t produce pounds for sub $200 it’s going to get super tough.


PDX: $600 - $1200 indoor…it’ll happen to you!

“Beware the ides of anytime after mid-August!”


Oregon at least has the benefit of vertical integration. Any of the small shops that survive seem to be able to supply themselves and collect the retail markups


Tax break too.

*Not a CPA, so if someone could explain that…you don’t pay as much tax on the producer side because you sell to your own dispensary at a low low rate?

Not a tax break.

Its a transfer of Cost of Goods - the cost of goods is the only part that 280E lets you take for this stuff (even then still sketchy). So if you are growing all those costs are deductible (maybe…again, sketchy). And if you are processing all those costs are deductible.

What’s not deductible - all your other overhead stuff. Like your bosses salary. Only the people actually touching plants and processing are cost of goods sold. So none of the rest - and definitely no your rent. and definitely not your budtenders.

Safe Banking Now! <3


That’s the thing about CO… You get punished for being vertical. If our grow sends pounds to our stores, we have to pay excise taxes on AMR or average market rate. If you sell pounds to a non-affiliated store, you get taxed on contract price, regardless of what that price is. When you send it to your affiliated store, you get taxed on AMR which is $800 right now. 21% tax on $800 is already almost $200. No way to grow a pound for under $200 when the taxes alone are almost $200 lol.

It’s fucked up. Hoping it’ll change at some point, but it aint lookin good.



see my response to pdx below (or above?). You get taxed wayyyy more when you send it to your own affiliated stores. Because people were doing exactly what you just explained and selling it to their own stores for nothing to avoid taxes.

Or a solid back door handshake deal with “someone” who has a grow that’s not attached to your retail. And you do vise versa with your grow to their retail. Would that work? Cause that would be a solid loophole


Is this code for handjob?


kinda like a reach around


post your resume so people can easily see your skillset. Reduce the friction for employers passing by :+1:


Yep, they call this “trading weed” and it can work if you find someone who is 1. trustworthy like you said and 2. doesn’t grow bullshit weed
We have done it in the past but this time around aren’t having so much luck unfortunately. And although it would reduce the tax liability by just over half, pounds going for $300 still kills us. Especially in the 9 months of the year that aren’t summer, because our yields decrease when the days are shorter.


Good idea. I’ll get that done!

Are you guys light dep?

Nah I don’t think so. It’s a greenhouse but we don’t really use any shade cloth or anything like that. small amount of supplemental HPS lights, but we don’t really deprive them of light at any point… Almost the opposite, like we can’t get enough light.

I’m the extract/infused product guy though, so I could be wrong on that.
Why do you ask?

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resume for anyone interested. ain’t made on of these in 7 and a half years so take it easy on me lol.
Also blacked out some names on there just because I know some of my coworkers and the owners are on here sometimes. If you need any of those names/contact info (references) just let me know and I’ll send you those privately.

zach.pdf (184.3 KB)


Sometimes I debate on chatting here because people have been such a dick to me…just waiting for some comments to follow…

But here is from actual experience of building a lab in a nightmare market and I am not sure who else here owns an actual license and put it together with a fire Marshall…so they can fuck off already … You hear that…, fuck off already

Unless there are some given protections around the number of licenses like AZ or IL where license are limited, or NV, where the govn set a min price of $2300/lb, your state will see an over supply and prices dropping

I have noticed two types of operations that can succeed:

  1. super small low cost (6 people-10)
  2. just massive operations

Small operations like mine have minimal costs and we work alongside big investments, so pricing is based on labor and splits…this gives me a lot of room to work with not having a grow.

Large investments drive the price down with volume but they have large costs,.middle management and board of leeches to pay…so they will only go down so far, and you can compete on their pricing being small.

Middle teir operations are the worst off. Typically highest costs and lowest margins

What I see anymore is you have to have a real skill to succeed, otherwise you will get lost in the shelf or you will be selling $3 dabs.

Every market with an over supply will see this drop…its about reducing costs and having a skill. We have.notoced that there isn’t a lot of good oil on the 502 market and we are taking advantage of that right now and starting to charge for our skill.

Just growing some shit weed and/or blasting it isn’t gonna make you successful anymore…you need a real skill and if you can work alongside big investments, I suggest that, as they have they ability to lift you up…

Also remember that the weed sold in each state is a fixed function…no one brand will take it allz it just doesn’t work like that. If you make good oil, people will seek you out…I am starting to get groupies myself.


Cannabis is crashing everywhere. No more infinity investment. Sorry speculators. Go artificially inflate some other industry.