Maximator 15:1 4350psi air driven gas booster for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: maximator
Description: DLE 15-NBR
Price/MSRP: $9000
Current location of item: Vancouver Island BC
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:

I have a pretty beefy pump i have no need for, figured i would try here before ebay.

This is a german made solid pump, as well as the specialized version of their DLE 15 pump, as it has the Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR on the model number) seals for hydrocarbons and such.

I have posted a photo of the sticker and a few of the unit from different angles. I have tested the pump, within my abilities, it cycles, the input side does create vacuum, and the output holds pressure. So all check valves and pistons move freely and as they should.