Material getting around filters.

So with my new setup I’ve started using rack mounted tubes with nitrogen. The first few runs went fine but now every run I’m doing I can’t help but get a bunch of herb into my collection base somehow. Its driving my crazy figuring out how its getting in there. Ive tried everything, multiple filters, two filter plates even… Im thinking the nitrogen is pushing it around the edge of the filters, but even with the crazy micro screen gaskets its still getting thru which just boggles my mind, its impossible… Any ideas? My injection or columns never get above 50 psi… and they aren’t blowing filters

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Can you show what filters and plates you are using?

I will keep telling anyone that will listen. These filter plates are the shiznit!


We had trouble in the past with this, the pressure / turbulence can kick up edges of the filter and let things get around, without totally blowing it out or dislodging it.

Easiest option is to use micron gaskets that filter to 100 micron or so. Catch it with the gasket, where the edges are literally clamped around the side of the tube. There’s no getting past that!

Second easiest option is to make a glass wool filter in your filter plate. My preferred way is to make a glass wool sandwich in between two micron mesh filters, and hold the whole pad in place with a filter plate clip ring that actually pinches it against the sides. You’ll have better luck with the glass wool completely filling out the space in your filter plate.

Best BEST option? Material tube socks. You’ll never run without them again once you try it.

I use the bhogart filter plates. Never had this problem with them in the past. I use multiple filters stacked with rings on top of each other.

Thats the crazy thing. I have the super fine micron screen gaskets as WELL as multiple paper filters. I have no idea how its getting past it.

I have socks and tried them but its just a pain in the ass for me to pack and unpack them plus the yield I loose in them

Try the sintered disk filters from best value.
Run it as a "last chance"filter downline.

Those are more expensive that the columns themselves :expressionless:

I have a screen gasket that looks just like that. You can’t even see thru them. Yet somehow material is getting by… driving me crazy

how fine is the debris? Could a particle you revover fit through the screen? If the answer is no, then there is leakage around the sides occuring.

Nope. Sometimes there’s a decent size leaf. How it could get around a screen gasket and 4 filters is what’s driving my crazy.

There has to be room for the ring to fit so it sneaks by that lil space, I use the same style for dewaxing and some always makes it by so I put a screen gasket that doesn’t have any space for it to go

Check out my screen gaskets though. It’s still getting thru that somehow…

you have a bi flood system by chance?

Are you recovering out of the top of your column, I run screens up top to disperse flow and stop material getting sucked into the system

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Top fed.

Sometimes. I thought that too but I tore apart the entire system and couldn’t find any material anyway. I run screens up top too

Do you run any coffee filters or quantitative filters between your material and those gasket filters.

Do you give any space on the bottom of your spools for the material to expand as you extract it?

When in pack my spools. I first bunch up a wad of paper. And pack it down so I get a paper puck. Then I lay my paper filter in the spool. Then the material. Before I run. I remove the paper so there is about a 1/2” space between my paper filters and gasket filters. This allow for the expansion of the material as you extract it.

This help prevent filter blow out.

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Yea I run quantative paper filters in all of my filter plates. I don’t stuff anything in the tubes. Ive been doing it like this for years without a problem. I’m not having any blow outs. It’s fucking weird

Thats weird for leaf to make its way through a screened gasket that small. Do you remove that screened gasket between columns? There is a chance something fell in during that time, you need another filter downline of your column as a “last chance filter”. Do you see tricomb debris as well in your extract, or is it just the bits if leaf? It seems to me that you would expect to see both if filter blow-by was the issue. Do you have a microscope? Prepair a slide and press the smaple thin with a cover slip, this should allow you to draw some conclusions.

I couldn’t agree more. The thick rings hold everything in place. As a test I’ve thrown 80-100psi through those bad boys and still no lift. Other clamping or inner tension rings just can’t hang.


From OSS? I don’t seem to have a problem with my rings moving. It’s craY.