Material column not filling all the way

So I just ran a couple clean cycles and been having this problem where my material column doesn’t seem to fill all the way by looking at eyeglass finder. I know it has something to do with crc column having more pressure in it but why is this happening? Never had this problem before

The pressure is the same in every vessel. The liquid will move in until all the pressures equalize in every vessel. To keep it moving in you have 2 options. One is to push it in with nitrogen and the other is to pull it in by recovering vapor from one port to reduce the pressure in the receiving column


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Are you vacuuming your system down before running?


Vac your system down before running and utilize nitrogen for a push

This. You’re such a good teacher, @Waxplug1 . Being able to communicate things conceptually helps empower someone to figure it out themselves in the future.


Thank you Cat :blush:

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