Maratek Solvent Recovery System

Anyone familiar with the Maratek’s line of solvent recovery systems? Their systems claim anywhere from 8-60 gallons of recovery per day…

Maratek - Solvent Recovery System

Currenty waiting to receive quotes back but figured I’d check on here to see if anyones got any experience/feedback?

Check out this thread, same thing,

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Thanks! do you happen to have experience with any of these units? I’m finding lots of folks who are interested in them but havent quite come across anyone with first hand experience.

Maratek quoted me the following:
8gal unit - $14,500
16gal unit - $25,500
55gal unit - $58,500

Thanks for posting up the pricing.

If no one from the cannabis community is going to give testimony here’s a couple of thoughts:

  1. They’re still pots not reflux stills, you can’t use them to bring water laden ethanol to 95% ABV in a single pass.

I’m experimenting with using a water distiller with the wattage dialed down (a miniature model of these,) and it takes about five passes just to get to 92% ABV from 40% vodka.

  1. Auto body repair paint shops use these to reclaim their solvents, if you know someone in the business, go over and poke around, and then please post up!!

Looks like they’re openly advertising to the industry:

Waiting to hear back from their sales rep and will update with pricing and lead times

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I’m reasonably sure these guys are the manufacturer of the Lab Society ASRS systems.

I never managed to get a quote out of Maratek. sent in a request, got a response with questionnaire back like three weeks later, they never responded after that. I’ve heard their continuous units are “prohibitively expensive” vs other evaporation options on the market like FFE units etc.

I think their batch systems are over priced as well, but that’s just me.

Yup, it’s been 24 hours and no call back – it would seem they’re not actively selling them

To be clear, @LabSociety is selling a modified version from Maratek designed specifically for cannabis.

Lab Society has a sales department and is focused on the cannabis industry, Maratek is not. This is the case with most manufacturers, and is one of the main reasons distributors like LS exist.


If we can help you, give us a call! (720) 600-2037 or


Are these things worth the money? or is falling film the way to go?

I am surprised you are all having bad customer service experiences with them. They’ve quoted me every variation possible, done engineering analyses, custom mod quotes, etc. never taken more than a day or two to respond.

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Doing a deep dive right now folks. I’ll keep you posted. They’re located 1.5hrs away from me in Ontario. Scheduling a site visit.

They work on upstream winterization skids as well (jacketed/agitated reactors , lenticular filters) and have some interesting continuous feed ethanol recovery systems as well.


So I just bought a van steenburgh jv-90 from an auction and I am going to make this system used for something within my extraction lab…I am wondering if anyone knows about this machine or a similar one? I just cleaned up the machine yesterday and I am going to fire it up tmrw.

A facility I helped with licensing and compliance installed one of their 110 gallon units. It was kind of a bitch for them to get set up, but what isn’t. It works, if I remember correctly the numbers they state are if you run it with the temp all the way up, and it gets hotter than a lot of people would like. They had it set up inline with 6 Capna’s, oil coming out goes straight to SPD. If anyone’s interested I’ll hit them up and see how they like it now that they are a few months in.


Sorry , Just saw this post. How did the facility make out with the Maratek ?