Making THCA isolate help.

I currently work in a lab that makes distillate. The head guy here went bonkers and was asked to leave. Now the owners want us to stop making distillate and make either THCA isolate or diamonds.

I am looking for the quickest method possibly to do either of the above. If anyone could help me out so I and some other people can keep these awesome jobs that would be awesome.

Hire a new lab manager or a consultant.


how do you extract currently?

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Use butane


You posted in the right section, have you read through any of the other threads?

Are you looking to buy a clue?

There is a section for that too :slight_smile:


*swats @cyclopath with newspaper *



Only The Strong sauce tek start here for diamonds


Here is a link that will direct you to all of the information that you need:


BHO crude . winterization at -40 using methanol. chromatography using heptane. then distillation.

Hello I also need some help as well I’m new to this, I ran some live material and it’s been week two going on 3 and I don’t see anything forming what am I doing wrong ?

So I vent the jars to minimal it’s towards the bottom I still have a lot of pressure inside the jars notice only terps or oil is forming at the bottom

Please pay me to make you an amazing system to do this at large scale!!!

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patience grasshopper :wink:

or read of seed.

you’ve told us very little about how you got here, and if you don’t know that waiting three weeks is perfectly natural while dialing things in, then you haven’t actually done your homework yet.

was this the first time you burped the jar?
what temps has it seen?

how do your live resins turn out if you don’t jar for diamonds?

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