Making good, shelf stable orange juice

I have an orange tree in my backyard and it’ll be ready for harvest in next upcoming months

Curious if anyone has made oj before here and if so what a good natural, safe and again, NATURAL, no synthetics, shelf stabilizer

And to control sweetness and remove pulp, how could I go about this?

I prefer asking questions like this here as theres real scientists here who can actually talk, etc. vs a search engine. I prefer asking questions like this here for all forms of opinions and ways to do it.


Caveat: I’ve never had to preserve juice, so I’m guessing.

But I think citric acid would be a good place to look for a natural preservative. I believe acidity and sugar content (brix?) are primary determinants of shelf stability - acid kills things and sugar pulls water out of the cells of things that try to breed in your juice.

If you’ve got way more juice than you can handle, I wonder if you could can it and make it shelf stable that way? Probably not, but it’s something I’d spend a minute or two googling if I had an orange tree.


No pulp for those with a gag reflex, right?

You’re probably going to have to use potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate at 0.1%. I think one does better than the other for acidic foods.


Found this article

Aaaand this one

I’ve never tested either of these recipes but it seems you can go the old fashioned canning route and just use a sieve when you’re pouring them into the jars before sealing them.

“Since the flavor and nutrient profiles of juice change during storage, refrigerated and frozen citrus juice maintains higher quality and has a longer shelf-life than juice stored at room temperature. Generally, the shelf-life of citrus juice is
about 9-12 months at 15-20 °C (59-68 °F) or 1-2 years at 0-4 °C (32-40 °F) or at -18 °C (0 °F), respectively.”


@moveweight tek

@AbyssLurker has the right idea.


Best bet would be to include some process to inactivate the enzymes prior to storage.

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I just don’t want pulp in there due to seeds and it taste weird.

It separates from it too after a while

I plan on canning it already

I have a huge ass tree

I could probably yield a few gallons or a gallon at least. Im hoping.

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I assume more then a gallon from a whole tree… but man I could easily drink a gallon of fresh squeezed in a day.

Get a cheap Amazon juicer and enjoy them as they come in their prime. I use this one daily for oranges and some how it’s currently $50…if you click the “coupon”

Even after I store it for a day it loses its original taste


^^^^^ Always wanted to make this, also, this guys series is awesome.

This is the old school solution on how to store that flavor through winter. (No chemistry pun intended)


They make screens that go on the bottom to collect the pulp and seeds.

Figure how to preserve your fruit, and make the juice fresh everytime

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I have one of those!

I am totally doing this recipe @TheGooMan

I may even send out samples:) hell probably make my own recipe to make a brand


Fking SCORE!

Glad I could help inspire things.


from what i know most oj in a store is almost year old. theres prolly ayoutube vid on how the big boys store it. prolly cryogenic.

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I’m kind of curious now what freeze drying the fruit and reconstituting it would be like…


download (42)


I watched it

I love that channel lol

They’re seriously awesome

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The recipe @TheGooMan linked can last 8 months with the citric acid

I’m trying this one out. Gonna make like fucking gallons of this shit lmao

If anyone wants to try “Boof Grower Orange Juice” when I make it just shoot a dm

I wanna start dabbling in cooking more cause my job thinks I quit when I called them 3x to tell them I was sick. I’ll have a lot of free time is why. Wish me luck.


And man you paved the way for this:)

Expect samples for you

You can drink a whole gallon of it yea?


Uhm, f*** yeah. I’m stoked on this up in here.

Absolutely awesome, a growing boy like me needs his vitamin C.

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