Make a GoodLifeGangOS for GLG users?

Would it be a nice idea to have a Linux-Made Future4200 OS? What if there was a way to make a micro operating system that enclosed our network entirely.

Like an OS with a dedicated video player, web browser, hosting services and it would be like ChromeOS.

Idk maybe make it by invite only. GoodLifeGangOS and only the glg can log on. Ik that would exclude me but still it would be a nice idea.

The OS would be password protected so no unauthorized file transfer. It could have all the glg sops. It could have the future4200 discord and other things related to this site.

Idk maybe a nice feature for the GLG.


It would be Tails with bundled apps and bookmarks.


And when it starts up it has the future 4200 logo and it has the good life gang paradise looking background as the default background.

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Or a modified Chromium maybe even a small custom android type x86 based OS considering you can run Android on a computer.

I think we can do better than running just tails with bookmarks. We can make it a lot more themed and have actual work put into it, not just throwing bookmarks into an already made OS.


I think a Phone Os based off AOSP with guidance on how to modify phones would be cool. Don’t see people really tapping into computers as much.