Maine drops residency requirement for Adult Use and Medical


This is bad right

waits for cookies to open in Portland


Interim Director

Definitely reads like they got the temp guy to do the dirty work on allowing MSOs to slide into the Maine market…

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It is totally inevitable and anyone could have predicted this would happen.

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I’m curious if we’ll see this applied to Oklahoma as well, quite a few residency cases there

They are actually inviting out of state money?

Maine is going to rot on the vine quickly.


I don’t think they have a choice legally

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Time to go buy an island off the coast of maine and open my evil layer…I mean production facility…

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This right here… Also. This is probably going to start happening in all states.

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Already happening in NY :sunglasses:

I am accepting any and all investment in an adult use cultivation facility and a dispensary :joy: come one come all. Some of the nations most lenient cannabis laws.