Machine trimmers--are any a match for hand trimming?

It seems every new trimmer manufacturer seems to have the best unit in the market. Do any units stand out, or come close to rivaling the quality of cut you could get from hand trimming?

Greenbroz look pretty nice. The design seems really sound. I have no experience with them, but remember @FicklePickle had some positive comments about them.


Good to know, @FicklePickle definitely carries some weight around here. I have, however, been seeing more any more cylindrical style trimmers on the market. Any validity to that design over Greenbroz design?

I’ve tried three cylinders, one fucking monster that you swing around your head, two green broz models.

If I cannot afford to hand trim for whatever reason green broz model m gets my vote. Tight trim, not too over trimmed. Easy to operate controls. Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Fits my bud bag and bud crate very nicely.

Easily do 5lbs an hour with it. It takes some finesse if you set it and forget it, but will munch the buds to bitz.

Of the cylinders the centurion was best for larfy buds… and the twister for dense round buds. No xmas trees or foxtails allowed though cause both units seriously overtrim imo.


The t4s been working good for me if you dry the buds then after they’re dry rehydrate them so the buds are moist but leaves are still dry.
Some touch up is needed on the larger sized nugs usually.


I dont have a machine yet but i bought a cheapo drywall moisture guage. the machines say to dry trim around 10 percent moisture, that seems to be dry and smokeable but not crispy. They have blades so you want it cutting and not just tumbling leaves off. I do see some trim bag things that work on friction rubbing the leaves off but i dont want that.

EZ Trimmer for sale. Does a very nice job when you get it dialed in.

DM sent

Think the 215 would trim the same quality, at a slower rate?

I picked up a centurion table top for a personal toy. Trimming 3lbs now takes 2 hrs setup to breakdown.
It used to take about 8-9 hours, the wife is a little slow.


Decent quality compared to a hand trim?

I use a Centurion trimmer for wet trim. It is ok, but squeaks when the drum is off center. I am thinking about switching to a Twister T2.

For dry trim, Greenbroz is where it’s at. At a certain point, hand trimming is financially not possible.


its not a financial thing but i have better things to do than trim constantly. at some point it gets old.


I have some friends that run the t-2. They are beast.
But they do hundreds of lbs.


I have a T2 for sale. Pick up in Riverside, C.A.
Comes with hopper and leaf collector. Pics included. Don’t have bags but they are cheap and would’ve needed to buy some anyways. First come, first serve. Taking offers. No low balling please


How much you asking?

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I got a green broz 215. Works great, gotta baby sit it and drop the brush as needed. It will lop off the bottom nug of a cola so I run them alone and monitor it.

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Idk, a big paper grocery sack can get a lot done. I think those were the original commercial trimmers. Insert dried bud and shake to trim. Could that be the origin of the term “shake” which we now call trim?


The EZ Trimmer seems to do a nice job. The two I had are gone but I had good results when they were dialed in correctly.

7k let me know