LPG free boulders (Added terpene method?)

I don’t have any personal experience with making sauce, but I have been reading up on methods and opinions on the process. One of my interests is in finding a method for producing high purity THCa Crystals from sub-par BHO that will easily pass residual testing. Ideally these would be big chunky boulders. I do not really care in this context about preserving the terpene profile of the liquid sauce.

My question is: can you dissolve fully purged BHO in plant derived terps (True Terpenes or what have you), seed it with THCa crystals and use the Strong Sauce Tech method or something similar to produce large Boulders that would have no risk of failing a residual solvent test?

Bonus question: have people in rec markets been having their THCa crystals fail residual tests?


I don’t believe you’re getting the point about how to grow boulders… Adding terpenes to BHO wouldn’t do anything about growing them bigger… To get Boulders you need the butane to slowly evaporate due to pressure and heat and being sealed up in a jar

In theory though you should be able to supersaturate them in terpenes and then get them to slowly evaporate and grow small crystals again

You would have to jar it up though after you saturated it down and it actually broke back down in it to a honey like texture… The jarring will let terpines slowly evaporate and let the THC crystalline… You need dewaxed bho or it might get rough tasting.

But I may be wrong, just slowly evaporating might do the trick for getting huge

If it sounds worth 20gram of BHO and a $20 bottle of d-limonene (no need for true terps) to go with it, then you should try it imo (me too now).

I think it will work. I would assume you could even reuse some of your solvent on the next round. pour off will already be saturated, so you will need more.

you will get solvent in your crystals, but you won’t fail for 5000ppm d-limonene.

the higher evap temp of d-limonene might mean you can do this at rm temp and atmospheric pressure.

Edit: and you can always substitute True Terps, or another terpene of your choice once you have proof of concept.


I just had my shipment of true terps shipped today! I can’t wait til they get here,… Now you have me wondering as well, I’m gonna try a half gram experiment to see also, I’ve got strong feeling it’ll be just sugar sauce, but with adding different ones you can definitely create a “frakensauce”. I’m gonna add straight crystals to some sfv og terp from true terp when they get to create some my own frankensauce, was hoping to make some mad Vapes with it too!

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Has to be butane?

Pentane or heptane wont work?

What you mean buddy, he’s talking about redissolving shatter into cannabis derived terps

Yeah but everyone keeps saying"no do butane instead" so im wondering why???

Ok right but he’s just wondering if works too those things I’m sure work way better but you better get hplc grade and know what your getting, don’t wanna hurt yourself in Long run

But yes those work way better bc selective hydrocarbon right?

No idea about residual test, I’m sure though any live sauce gonna be hard to get down, terps themselves are really harsh vilotile thing…

My understanding once crystallization has occurred it literally has purged itself of the butane or the solvent if you want any smaller amounts gotten out you would have to crush it down then and continue purging

I myself do more of the taste , throat , and time test lol because I don’t have access to all those tests, one of my friends took some back with him he knows people he told me he was very surprised on how low my thresholds actually was although I have no idea what the numbers was was that interested then or what he considered good

There is entrapped solvent in most (all?) crystals. Some won’t form without water (eg Epsom salts is a hepta-hydrate).

If you grow BIG crystals, it is a shame to have to grind them up to meet mandated residual solvent levels. Which vary by jurisdiction.

if the solvent trapped is not one you can fail for, eg limonene or just about any terpene except for Azadirachtin, and it works, then it’s a win.

Also no scary mason jars to explain to the fire marshal.


@StoneD Do you know why the Colorado CBD guys now only produce powdered CBD and not the huge chunky geode looking crystals?

Do you remember seeing the huge beautiful looking crystals that they used to post on the Instagram a couple of years ago? Have you noticed how no one is posting those anymore?

I feel like that’s where THC is going

At a guess: CO residual ethanol and/or pentane limits. probably also takes longer.

just to be clear. THC is not known to crystalize. :slight_smile:

THCA does, CBD does. CBDA is perhaps a little more recalcitrant than CBD, but my understanding it too crystallizes.


More solvent related than anything else.


Not clue bro, hell I don’t touch the stuff, it’s definitely got all kinds great properties… But no I have no idea,

Btw on my side the country they don’t even know what full spectrum extract is, they curl the nose bc the word live isn’t in it, boy what they don’t know

Seems like we’re behind on everything over here… Hell I’m just happy to be no longer known as, “the bEAST coast”, forever we couldn’t get rid nasty beasters BC tea bud, boy have things changed


I thought i made it obvious, but in case it wasn’t… It’s because of trapped solvents

Bad ass,I thought might be one those questions I should have known the answer to, but I was also afraid was some kinda trick questions… I’m not the brightest knife in the drawer, but none the less, I’m knife! Lol

But yeah I definitely know all about trapped solvent, the crystals I grow to small to have that problem, and if it does I would never know. But right on got to be a lot better for you

Cyclopath is getting it, it’s all about shelf appeal. If you can put a big old clear crystal on a dispensary/rec store shelf the people are going to go wild for it, but using LPG or any petroleum derived solvent and in some states even alcohols you are going to have to break it up and purge it before you sell it.

@StoneD any luck with your True Terps test?

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Haven’t got around to trying, they just came in today, I’m imagining it can’t get to much bigger than sugar but I could be wrong,

they definitely on point though, taste exactly perfect, someone on here told me to make vape juice out of it, I tried, incredibly way way way way too much flavor, burnt my throat with flavor, gonna try there viscosity with maybe one drop the terps, but my terps already are really good… So maybe just the tasteless terps to get it right, but they super expensive, I could see changing the way some nasty strain would be really easy though, one drop per gram and it taste exactly like the strain,I got sfv og bc I had OC pharm vape pen still here, taste exactly same. But yeah would make great frankensauce

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Yea that stuff is tough to powder up, looks like gravel after you’ve smashed it up lol

@StoneD did you ever give that a shot?

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I put some on some solid bho and it sugared like crazy after couple days but wasn’t shatter to begin with, more snap and pull