LPG Chromatography - Swagelok sampling tubes

I recently saw on Instagram that Swagelok sells these nice little sampling tubes and was wondering if anyone out there is using them and if so how do you like them? I would like to get a bunch of these tubes and a nice HPLC to determine the fractions during a closed loop run. Maybe plumbing a T at the bottom of the silica column with a designated valve for sampling. I feel this could really streamline the process, with the potential to isolate very precise fractions


Yes it is possible… going down that road now.

Our Behemoth extractor and Turbo Unit already have in-line chroma capacity. We are about to start using our DaVinci Sensor for in-line fraction detection to automate the process.

It is capable of seeing nearly one quadrillion visible spectrum color combinations! Just like how your computer mixes red, green, blue, and white to make every color of the rainbow (16.9 Million Colors), we use a matched red, green, blue, white source light and detector to reverse this same process back to wavelengths and can identify majority fractions by their spectra! It takes an extremely sensitive detector to be able to distinguish the difference between ethanol and water based on its RGBW ratios.

Soon to release the Open Source version! All schematics, programming code, and complementary software source will be included as well as in-code quoted documentation, and supplemental documentation to bring it all together! We will continue to update our base software over time and would be happy to incorperate other peoples suggestions / approved code segments as possible software add-ins!

We would like to include a user forum to which everything can be freely shared!
(Web updates has deleted our previous forum)

Blend is typically 100% propane, but we can work backwards with pretty much anything.


That’s dank what solvent or blend are you using? I read that a few people are using a Varian CP-3800 for their LPG HPLC, but mainly to determine purity of their butane/propane. Havent yet heard of anyone using one for LPG Cannabis extraction though

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they are very expensive