Low THCV testing

Currently running a strain that is supposed to be high in THCV. Its almost like a cross between a THC plant and CBD one. Have run it twice and have had poor test results for THCV. Is there anything I can do to help isolate that particular cannabinoid? I ran the fist one for 9 weeks and got better results then when I ran it for 12. Considering uping the water/nutes( rn giving it the same amount of water as my THC plants) and pulling it down at 8 to see what happens? Anyone run strains for thcv before or got any advice. Any info is much appreciated

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What was the original purchase product coa

Unfortunately don’t have to coa on me atm, probably should have got a picture of it before starting this post looking back ha. I believe the breeder was getting around 10-16%. My last around had had almost none in it.

Context would help,
Were they clones or seeds?
What generation?
Changes in testing procedure?

Who’s the breeder? You’ve got my attention with claims of a plant producing 12-16% thcv…
I’m all :ear::ear:


Last person on here claiming to have a high THCV genetic would only share a COA that tested a fan leaf or something weird like that pre harvest long before cannabinoids had even really developed. I’d be skeptical of no names claiming they have the unicorn hemp genetic.


Wasn’t that guy trying to sell cuts for 5k? Hey op, you one of the victims?

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They are clones. Got them in rockwool. On 1000w hvs lights. 2nd or 3rd generation i believe. I always just send it to a local lab to get it tested. Should I just try and test it myself? Iv played around with Chromatography but not to confident.

I hope not! I got it from a “friend” in CA sold the cut too me for 2k… ya I probably should have been more cautious when purchasing it. I just herd 300 per gram and got all excited. I’m probably just going to try and make topicals with my material now…

Sounds like you got the “friend” deal alright…

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I was thinking that after 2 failed runs. I have 4 in flower rn and I’m hoping they test better. If not ill be in the market for a new cut. I believe they have 4 more weeks to go. If I can make it get too 6-8% I’m happy. I’m still hoping that its user error

Probably wishful thinking, but good luck!

Yeah, that was the one. I asked for test results for the flower multiple times and they responded to everyone in the thread but me. I doubt this is the same cut but I’m sure we’ll see more people doing this. I wouldn’t pay for one without a COA of the flower and the sellers name on it to prove it’s their COA.


Ya i really hoping to test better this round but I know it probably won’t. As it becomes more popular yes we definitely will see more people selling basically worthless cuts. learned the hard way I guess(still hoping not). If I happen to test great or find a new source I’ll share it with everyone. People grow bigger together rather then apart


Lol get bent


He is bent… I think that’s the reason for the post…

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