Low Temp Auto Decarb

Greetings folks,

While reviewing COA’s for our crude, a clear trend of biomass decarb is visible. Conversion seems to be 30-40%. Biomass is dried and stored in supersacks @45% RH and 66F. Lighting in the facility is all LED (no UV). What actions should we have taken, and can we take in the future, to prevent the material from decarbing in the super sacks, or, is there a different root cause for the decarbing?

Edit: Decarb percentages of the oil were compared to fresh samples taken of the flower and the ratios are consistent.

Edit 2: Drying was accomplished with a multipass conveyor using an indirect heat source. 126F for 2.5 hrs was the average dry time to produce 120lbs of dry product per hour.


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It wasn’t the storage it was the drying method

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Drying was 126F for 2.5hours on a conveyor dryer.

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That’s why u got decarb probably way to high way to long. I’m guessing here

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Damn. We tried going faster and colder but anything less left us at 15% moisture. We targeted 8-10%.

Is decarb an issue?

What’s your desired endpoint?!?


You guessed correctly. Decarb can happen at low temps, just takes longer to get full conversion. @Estokha do you not plan on decarbing in the future?

There was some level of potential revenue from non-decarbed. That has since evaporated, so partial decarb is no longer an issue as we’re post extraction decarbing anyway.