Low price sales of some laboratory equipment

Dear friends, laboratory equipment promotion, full discount
The main equipment we provide are (some of them are in stock in the Los Angeles warehouse)
Molecular distillation equipment
Short range distillation equipment (2L ~ 20L)
Rotary evaporator (1L ~ 50L)
Glass reactor (1L ~ 100L)
Falling film evaporator
Closed loop extraction equipment
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment
Stainless steel reactor
High and low temperature integrated machine
Vacuum drying oven
Freeze dryer
Ultra low temperature refrigerator (- 40 ℃, - 60 ℃, - 86 ℃)
Vacuum pump
Electric sleeve
email: kdsales@zzkdinstruments.com
Need to know other content, please leave a message, I will contact you after I see it, or contact the email on the website.

If you want a product price, please specify the product.

Dm me. Possibly looking for an upgrade. Not sure on size up upgrade needed tbh.

DM you, see later reply me

What is the price of vacuum pump

Kind of offended that you dont use a fake hot Asian female to sell this China junk.

It was the only upside to all the shitty overseas gear.

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