Low Pressure Chroma Hack

During a tedious polar wash of the chromatography magsil column, inspiration struck.

Using an XL glove, and a few pieces of dry ice in the iso, pressure is built and flow rate improves!

“Chromatography, pronounced /ˌkroʊməˈtɒɡrəfi/, is derived from Greek χρῶμα chroma, which means “color”, and γράφειν graphein, which means “to write”.”


Thank you for this. Its the small things that just pop that make the biggest difference.

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why no dcvc? i know on a column that big vacuum isnt gonna speed it up that much but still would prob help alil

When you say iso do you meam the eluent is the isopropyl for this experiment?

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yes, mobile phase is isopropyl alcohol


Stupid question…is magsil able to just be washed with ispropyl and reused after drying? or what is typical handling between uses if it is reused?

Hazmat trash can

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