Low Levels of Pesticides Easily Filtered Out?

I know that typically speaking chromatography and LLE is needed to remove pesticides efficiently, especially if they have large levels of them. I was wondering, has anyone experimented with using a vac filtration setup like a hochstrom filter or beaker and wrench filter loaded with magsil, to try to filter out pesticides? Lets say you are trying to get out .5ppm of myclo. Could doing a saline wash and ghetto filtration through one of these types of filters have any possibility of removing the pesticides efficiently? I was thinking about trying it out just for shits and giggles but wanted to see if anyone had any experiences or recommendations before I try something stupid!

Im not sure what thread it was in but i do believe someone did something similar and it worked

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For Mylo try straight hot water/ hot distillat (or crude) washes. Worked for me. LOTS of hot water, no other solvents.


Looking for opinion
Clorphenapyl showed up in the crude after cat three triM was run . Very mild 0.168
It was not on the trim Coa … what chance of washing this out do we have ? Should we take it all the way to distillate and add terpenes to “dilute “ and hopefully get rid of it or any other methods
Highly appreciate any advice

Did you mean Chlorfenapyr or maybe Chlorpyrifos? Never heard of “Clorphenapyl”