Low Ceiling Greenhouse Lighting

I’m an industrial hemp farmer out in Oregon I’m working on a farm with 11 greenhouses that have absolutely no lighting at the moment. The farmer/grower prior then me taking over was running plants in the winter in Oregon without any artificial lights. If anyone happens to have an overstock on bulbs, fixtures, or ballasts maybe even the whole unit for sale. I need roughly 40 working lights I don’t have the biggest to budget with otherwise I’d be running some quality at the moment. Feel free to message me if you might have some I’m looking for shoot me some prices and specs on the lights.

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Jonathan Thiesse
Inoculum Hemp and Consulting

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Just use string lights and LED bulbs


Do you have a visual reference that I can kinda check out to get a better Idea on what you mean? I like the sound of it but that word LED is always an iffy one for the price of them.

Commercial price in HLG 550 V2 R Spec is <$700 if you order 10.

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Low ceilings?

Perfect for CMH lighting. DO NOT but “pre-made” kits. Tou can save 50-100 per light setup by piecing together.

2.9a @110v
1.5a @220v

Single pricing below
Ballast 90.00
Bulb 80.00
Hood 50.00

Easy peasy


Where are you buying them from?

Who and what?

Growershouse for ballasts


For bulbs

I keep passing my plugs out, they are gonna raise their peices.

Are you looking for actual supplemental lighting or just enough to keep the photoperiod? Single phase or three phase power ? Are there existing outlets or j boxes for hard wiring ? Amps available?

I’m looking for basically enough lighting to keep the plants from going into flower. I’m still building the hoop house so I don’t have electricity yet and will need an electrician, and I know very little about it but I can get whatever I need installed. I’m assuming it would be nice to have 240v plugs for the lights and for a ventilation fan or two on each end.

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Hey, I have LED lights if you need them. Probably 40k watts of LED lamps just sitting here… make offer

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What brand and model?

ZenLion Growlights. We went out of business. Still have some surplus inventory sitting around and some used lamps as well.
Some in Eugene, some in southern Oregon.

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T5 or t8 are good to keep plants alive. 4200, 5000, 6500k are all great veg K options.