Lots of lab equipment for sale

Hey everyone I am closing up shop and selling all of my lab equipment ranging from summit research laminar short path gear to -86 freezers, pandas, vacuum pumps (rotary vane and diaphragm), stainless steel parts, and random glass.

I’ll be updating this spreadsheet with more items as I go through the inventory and will remove any items that are sold.

I would prefer to keep the short path glass together but open to offers. Prices are negotiable. I’m located in the Bay area and would prefer to keep it local but willing to ship items if you pay for shipping.

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Price on freezer?

$1650 for the freezer. It’s in great working condition and was ran at -72 with no problems.

would like to buy your -86 freezer asap call me at3035879289 im in LA

Pictures of the some of the equipment

-Welch 2034 b diaphragm pump

-ethanol, five 5 gallon pales of 190 proof food grade ethanol

Edit: just realized this is an old picture that doesn’t have the jacketed 12" spool or the 12" lid with ball valve, prv, and sight glasses. The bottom of the bowl also has a ball valve and 1/4" Barb. I run silicone hose from the bottom Barb to a 5 gallon carboy and connect it to a vacuum pump. Can also use the lid and connect an air compressor to push fluid through instead of pulling with a vacuum pump.

Edwards 8 vacuum pump and kf25 manifold

IMG_6081 IMG_6078

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The small yellow tank is empty and barely used

The beige tank has butane. I’ll have to weigh it again. This tank is exchangeable at purge labs.

The large yellow tank is close to full capacity with butane. Will need to weigh again for exact amount.

Edwards e2m30 and VAT kf25 speed valve

The Edwards 30 was pulling right under 10 micron during 2nd pass and was routinely cleaned after every first pass run.

I’m in Sonoma county can that Buchner be used to do an ethanol extraction for crude ? Sorry for noob question

Yup that’s what I converted it into after going from butane to ethanol extraction.

Summit research shorty cold trap

Summit research full size Cold trap. I have 2 of these for sale.

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What is available

Everything is still available.

Where is it located?
How much for the total package

All of the lab equipment is in storage in San Jose, CA. I’ll message you for more details.

Sorry for just getting back to you. Freezer still available?

The freezer, edwards 30, stainless buchner, welch diaphragm pump were sold.

Both recirculating chillers and polyscience heater, kf25 manifold, vacuum gauge, kf25 VAT valve were sold.