Looking to solve my short path/rosin/solventless woes

I have recently purchased a 5L short path kit (with chiller/vacuum) and a decent rosin press.

My current obstacle is figuring out what options are available for crude oil creation. I know there is the ethanol method, but am hoping for a solventless method due to lack of proper ventilation.

Hoping to get some advice on this, thanks in advance!

This business venture will not be profitable unless youre in some Asian country slinging pens for $300 each.

if you insist on being the solventless/ rosin man, you can make carts by decarbing your oil under pressure.

if you insist on short path, I would avoid solventless extraction. however:

you can make hashish in bulk using (gumby tek) various known methods. then straight into a steel pot for decarb/ devol. then into your short path. this will create a fatty product I think. so I would at least dissolve in alcohol, winterize and louche the alcohol with water.

dm for consult :slight_smile:


My advice, source your crude if your aren’t set up to handle it. You need to hit your Return on Investment for that equipment.


How much volume are you doing? Ethanol vapor isn’t a problem for me ,but I’m small time. I just do it next to the window with a couple fans. But if you insist on solventless, check out the extraction contraption. It uses dry ice and a cement mixer to make hash😉

I’m willing to invest more, I just thought it may be possible to do it without more equip.

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Not too heavy volume for now. I’m not hard stuck on solventless, just thought that might just be my cheapest option.

That being said, what would be a cost efficient setup that includes what I already have? A cheap rotovap?

My 5liter roto condenses about 1.5L alcohol an hour. I don’t know how else to do it. I’d like to try a large moonshine still running overnight at lowest temperature possible and see if it would be practical. They’re not much on ebay. Extraction contraption is cheaper than roto and whole lot less labor intensive. I haven’t tried it personally though

you are going to have to invest a little more to get that ball rolling.I suggest you look at the bucket tek thread, and get a suitable evaporator for the task.