Looking to see if processors have feedback on draindroyd

Looking to see if Processors have any feedback on DrainDroyd Starter Filtering system?

Pro’s / Cons


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Horribly overpriced,
Many options available that outperform and outcompete on price


Thanks for the feedback. i don’t have any idea on the cost as I have sent them a note on the cost of there system. We are looking for any recommendations on a economical and good filtering setup with good flow too. This is for our small farm were we grow CBD hemp and are processing it .

It’s collection is like 2.5-4 gal if I recall, so you will be breaking vac to empty with an air compressor every 3 ish minutes depending on your filtration step. The big steel ring to hold the paper down sliced my palm once upon a time so I’m still bitter, thc alcohol tincture burns.

Something with continuous discharge like a sambo or something with a large collection vessel like a series of holding tanks with a series of bag filters and/or lenticular filter inline are good options with the latter being better for people who want permanent infrastructure.


a basket centrifuge with a 1.0 or 0.5um felt liner is faster than a drain droid…and many folks processing hemp have one already.

there are other styles of centrifuge that work, but then you’re looking at single trick ponies rather than ubiquitous peonies (or panda at a smaller scale).

bag filters work well too.



On a scale of 1-5 for performance and $-$$$$$ for cost these are my rankings

Cenrifuge $$$$$ & performance 5
Lenticular $$$ & performance 4
Bag Filter 2-3 Staged $$$ & performance 4
Single Bag Filter $$ & performance 3
Large Buchner $ & performance 2

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