Looking to replace my glassware on spd. Advice needed

I recently made a post trying to decipher and piece together a spd sytem using a bunch of glass I had around the lab that I didn’t know how to use. Since then we’ve realized the glass was from a cheap ass kit and is basically garbage. So, now I’m on the hunt for a new set of glassware. The guys I work with were thinking of just grabbing a set from open source steel but I recall their glass being from China, or so I’ve Read. Wondering your thoughts on if I should just grab a turn key glass setup, or piece it together. We want to get the system up and running asap

What I have -
Welch duoseal 1400 pump
Ct-40 electric cold trap
Poly science chiller
2l heating mantle from “Joan lab”… looks like the type from open source steel

the boiling flask LOOKS ok but can be cheap and ready to break like the other pieces that have.

I suppose what I need is
2l boiling flask
Vigreaux column or distillation head? (One or both not sure)
Condenser if head doesn’t have one included
3 directional cow
3 receiving flask
Appropriate keck clips and accessories.

Basically everything except heating mantle,chiller, pump and cold trap. What are your suggestions for options? It’s my first spd system I’ll ever be running but we also want to put together something good. We wanted to go 5l instead of 2 but that would require a bigger mantle. What to do, what to do…

Distillation Glass Kit – Open Source Steel This was the set my boss was eyeing. Sucks it’s only a few bucks more for the 5l kit but then we need the mantle which is pricey. I know a good head can make a world of difference. So I don’t know if I should piece it together and focus in the more important parts, and cheap out on others or what. I assume the recieving flasks can be cheaper which may give me more budget on a head per say. Just don’t know which way to skin this cat lol

Id like to offer a more precise thought/option instead of being so vague with our needs and options , we’ve decided to go up to a 5L setup.

So a simpler question, what do you think of this set? I do have a cold trap already so was thinking if piecing it together minus the cold trap would work. But overall I just need a system up and running asap and this seems like the way to go for now. Otherwise I’ll be researching parts and companies for an eternity. But it looks like $1300 is my budget to put together what I need. Thanks for any input. I’ll be ordering that kit in the morning unless I’m steered elsewhere

If you gonna go with Chinese glass. Mine as well just go to the source and save yourself a few hundred.


I was always under the impression open source had good quality distillation equipment but only recent heard they were just another Chinese glass user. Here’s a dumb question… is all Chinese glass the same shit? Is what open source sells any different AT ALL than the cheap eBay or Amazon parts? I’ve never heard about many bad reviews from OSS. Hmm. Lame lol. Im struggling putting together a decent system for my price range. I thought I could start with the glassware I had but after seeing a piece break a little too easily I’ve discarded all of that

Hey, china glass will work. Thats how I was able to afford glassware back in the college/ top ramin days! Granted it’s not the best quality, It serves as a fine starting point. When @anon42519203 started he was throwing all kinds of weird stuff together with his nightly china glass orders! I was too!


Same exact 2l spd from usalabs that i have. Just they put an OSS sticker on the glass. Usalabs is 999.00 iirc.

So we went ahead and ordered that 5l kit. It is what it is, we need something up and running for now. 1200 isn’t the biggest investment of a life time so we’ll see how it goes