Looking to remotely employ candy maker to develop multiple products for us

the Lorann green apple and strawberry are solid, blue raspberry is just regular raspberry but not bad

I know as a customer I prefer getting single flavor packages


What is a


More importantly why does one know what it tastes like?

Probably lychee, this guy has so many flavors it could be sour leeches though, can’t call it


I figured it was lol

cotton candy is by far the best


we can switch flavors up but want to have the variety bags for each box. didn’t print interior box flavors on any of the boxes so wed be able to switch up any that don’t work.

yeah my bad was quickly typing this out.

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people don’t want the same five flavors every boomers been using for years, trying to mix it up.

Keep on keeping on my man…
Dont let me change your mind!
Looks like you got this 100%


Let’s be honest here. You don’t have the gear to mix that many flavors.

you’re here because you need someone else to mix it up for you…

You might want to listen rather than doubling down on a plan that has failed once already.

Slow your roll. You do not need 25 flavors out the gate.

If you’re going to let high concept get in the way of getting high you’re shooting yourself in the foot.


I think you will launch 25 flavors with 50% being gross

Someone will eat one nasty cotton candy gummy and never try them again, I do like the approach but I think you need to R and D each of the 25 flavors to ensure theyre good and once they get pass the taste test they go to market

However, the target market is so stupid and obsessed with variety that the taste of the actual flavors may not even matter so you might have success due to mass stupidity

Either way I do like the idea of it, I’m sure you have seen GLOs success with the same method in vape carts


I don’t have the gear today, but have the funds to purchase and outfit the space we’ve gotten for the project. while I do appreciate some realistic negativity , you guys are stuck on the 25 flavors things. our first drop is 2k of each flavor, it’ll sell out for us in a week or two and we can change out the flavors people don’t necessarily like for the next drop.

people just love variety. same reason skittles and starbursts are always dropping new flavors and nobody’s telling them to do single flavor bags.

I’m new to candy’s , not the market in general what ever I produce is pretty much gone already. I’d like to execute the concept correctly though which is why I posted in here :slight_smile: I’ve had a few dm’s from cool people confident they can make the flavorings work that come from substaniated backgrounds. this post seems to have worked for me.

I appreciate your inputs. I’m determined to bring the product to the market in the way we envisioned it is all. I mentioned that flavors can be changed out here and there , just have to maintain the theme of the interior box but we didn’t list exact flavors anywhere permanent. already to far in to throw the concept out, other kitchen was confident they could make it work before we cut ties so we went 100% in on it.

Hola maine gummy guy, I can help ya out, I shot you a dm to connect with my number in there if you’d like to explore

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Sorry just reading this what help do they need :slight_smile:

Pectin based gummiebear :slight_smile: Solid and tasty