Looking to purchase used ovens!

Hi there!

I am looking to purchase and repurpose some used equipment.

I am looking for vacuum ovens.

Currently working with some big blues but need more space.

Would like to pick up 2 more big blues but it’s just not cost effective at the very moment.

Ideally I think a wall of 1.9’s or some 3.2s would be great.

Shucks… if you have a killer deal on some 4.4 elites i would take those too.

I like the bigger sizes, but as far as cost effectiveness I think the smaller as less expensive units will be best.

Located in S. Oregon. Can drive to pick up.
Looking to find something in the near future. Would like to buy well taken care of and maintained used gear & Not new, But as to be timely with this need of more space I can and will very well make that call if need be; although, I would like to share the wealth with our community and not continue to dump into already wealthy pockets.

Send me a personal message if you have or knows an individual that has what I’m looking for.

Thanks to all!
Much love and appreciation!

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