Looking to purchase Used Ethanol extractor + Distillation

Hello Gang,

I’m opening a legal lab in Lynwood California and looking to purchase Ethanol extraction equipment+Distillation while I wait for my Pinnacle and Chemtech rigs to finish building. Looking to do super cooled Ethanol and distillate. Budget is ready for serious sellers. Looking for used gear or new as long as it can meet 4-5 week lead time. Please reach out. Edreyeslive@yahoo.com

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@cyclopath @Photon_noir Sounds like you gentlemen might be the right people to help out here?


I don’t think anyone is going to make a deadline that soon, unfortunately, @Phyzedd , but if you would like to work with @cyclopath and me, you can check out our website:
Good luck!
And thanks for the note, @Lincoln20XX !


@sugarleafpete on IG has a used 1st Gen Delta for sale rn


2%20stage 12%20(2) 12 18 19 21 MDS-10C%20MD%20
This is China brand Wipe film evaporator, if have any intested, please contact email: david@toptionlab.com


Do you happen to need any chillers? I have 3
new ones

What size

I’m not sure it’s a Hubert unistat
-25 degrees

Hubert unistat 815

You can contact onlinepharmastore@aol.com we just bought ours from them some few weeks back.
awesome price and perfect service.

I skeleton have a brand new ethanol extractor ,we’re not using . I’m not sure the model or specs but I’ll finf out when I’m back at the lab tomorrow

Going to piggyback on this post. Looking for a 2L or 5L SPD setup for home experiments. Anyone trying to sell a full setup? Preferably in Nor-Cal.

contact onlinepharmastore@aol.com we just order some last week and everything was awesome.

I have a full 2L setup, minus pumps & vac gauge