Looking to Hire Quality Assurance Manager

We are a medical cannabis company based in Spain, awaiting the final signature from the health aemps to begin our crop. We are in urgent need of a Quality Insurance Manager and struggling to find someone adequate in Europe. Our produts are THC products and not CBD

Below are some of the tasks required :

|1.1|Implement procedures and/or documented training to meet obligations under this Agreement.
|1.2|Follow applicable current GACP and locally imposed requirements.
|1.3|Cultivation, harvesting, drying, packaging, testing, storage in an environment meeting the applicable regulations, which is designed, constructed and maintained in a manner that
a) permits the operation therein to be performed under clean, sanitary and orderly conditions;
b) permits the effective cleaning of pertinent surfaces; and
c) prevents the contamination of Medical Cannabis Starting Materials and the addition of extraneous material on Medical Cannabis Starting Materials.
|1.4|Operate in compliance with applicable environmental, occupational health and safety laws and regulations.
|1.5|Maintain a quality unit that is independent of production that fulfils both quality assurance and quality control responsibilities.
|1.6|Involve the quality unit in all quality related matters and have them review and approve all quality critical related documents.

Any questions relating to salaries and pay, please address to me directly.




Congratulations and best of luck!

It’s going to be difficult to find someone out of country aware of

This will be difficult as more than likely they will have to learn this from scratch

The rest of the position seems like Cure Manager / Basic quality assurance for a grow and there are many capable talents here. But they will have to learn your rules and regulations.