Looking to contract with local SOCAL Labs- CBD and CBG bio 2020 season

Seeds are popping and we are getting excited for another season in sunny southern California. We are growing our Cherry Wine again, plus 5 Oregon CBD cultivars- Suver Haze, Elektra, Sour Space Candy, White CBG, and Stem Cell CBG. Would love to talk with some local labs and lock in some bio contracts if anyone is interested in having that discussion.

We will be doing some flower as well.

This is our first season growing Oregon CBD genetics and i couldn’t be happier so far. germ rate is damn near 100%. Planning for transplant in Mid-late May with and early September finish. We are small size farm 2-5 acres, so everything is hand cut, hung and dried, and hand bucked, and makes for a nice quality bio.

Thanks for considering and look forward to discussing.

Be well!


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Good luck on contracts my fam of farmers had over 400 acres spread over 15 diffrent contracting extractors+… for 2019. Guess how many were honerd…1. By the tobacco company… several took the biomass and “are still extracting” or just skiped town… be careful…
Ps. plants look happy.


That is fucked…

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There is 300k lbs of biomass here and i dont think anyone is extracting or buying

Bump. open to discussions if anyone thinks they may have a need. Harvest expected around early-mid Sept

How do the Oregon cultivars look?

Really happy with them. Very consistent phenotype. Zero males in 2 acres. CBG is already testing at ~10%. I’d post some pics here but they are all on my phone. Check out our IG @Fullsailfarm

We did our county sampling so we will have the green light to start to harvest. I have a couple lbs of CBG that is dried and bucked and ready to go. I didn’t test it because they were plants that needed to go, getting chewed by rabbits. I tested similar maturity plants and they were in the 10%+ range. Looking for anyone that Local that might want to run a sample batch to test yields.

Does anyone ever run cbg and cbd bio together? Or better to run them separately?

Also, if anyone has any interest, we will be opening up the farm for San Diego’s first U-pick hemp farm. Will have a flyer floating around with the details hopefully by end of the day.