Looking to buy isolate

Ive been wondering if isolate all has that weird taste to it. If you know you know. But everytime I bought isolate it has a chemical taste. Is there a truly tasteless one or very very close to it


Elaborate please…like a chemical solvent taste? Like heptane, pentane or hexane?

Because the isolate I produce and trust from othe r processors has a very faint chalky taste…kinda like chewing up an aspirin on an unflavored tums tablet.

Any chemical flavor is a sign of poor post processing /purging

A. Is it an off white, gray or yellow powder?
B. Is it sticky?
C. Is it clumpy?

CBD isolate should be none of the above A-C


People told me it has like the nasty taste and like kinda of off and not pleasing the one you have and other when dab have a decent taste or Atleast passable flavor

So now there is one that has barely any taste? If so lmk.

it all tastes like some weird cherry cleaner or something to me

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Someone said it so there’s no way one taste non like this or just plain nothing at all. Becuase I saw someone post oderless tasteless I’m like woah that’s a strong message but if it’s true I’m down.

If you are looking to purchase some isolate I can help you out @LordHashington. Thank you.


Full panel isolate COA.pdf (1.8 MB)

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Is it tasteless tho

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Every CBD isolate I’ve ever smoked has had a slight cherry taste to it, Almost like cough syrup.

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So there’s no such thing as oderless tasteless

The isolate usually has some denaturing agents in it I believe.
You can remove funny smells by recrystalizing but not the harshness and bad taste and weird effect.
How do people clean their cbd isolate?

Generally cbd will taste like cherries where as thc should be nearly void aside from mild grapseed like oil scent to none attall. Some smell like salt and olear smells like fishy monkey ballz


Bollocks, it should not smell and should have a slightly chalky taste, like someone described it.
I only know this because I had a gram of clean cbd from a Latvian vendor once, but he refused to sell more than a gram at once for some reason.
I have some isolate here that smells of chemicals and tastes bitter.
Vaped it tastes like molten plastic.
The effect is just poisonous to every nerve cell, nothing like smoking clean cbd flower.
Here is the coa that comes with it and is obviously not true:

cbd-brothers.de ← this guy is poisoning people and thinks it is funny, like most cbd vendors apparently. And the internet is playing along with it. For what greater good?? All you satanist scum should be publicly hanged!

Hit up @KandThegingchemist for water extracted cbd isolate. Tastes way better. He will probably send you a sample to try if you ask. It does carry a premium price. But if you want something without chemical taste this is it.

Water washing has always helped me remove the nasty stuff

Ok thanks. Someone also mentioned acid water washes to get the lead out from synthetic chinese isolate. Do you know what is the recommended washing routine for pesticide removal?