Looking to Buy CBD Cartridges

Looking to get pricing on 1000 Units of CBD Vape Cartridges. Thanks.

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Me too

Are you looking for empty cartridge or prefilled cartridge? We are CBD vape hardware supplier from Shenzhen China, pls feel free to contact if you need top quality vape hardware. Thx!
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Email: sales@ef-puff.com
Joy Tam

hi, solid quality full ceramic carts, sold millions to USA monthly, 0.85$-0.95$
WhatsAPP +8615919940287


Is this a hardware request?

Cost would depend on the size of cartridges and the options that you would liker.

I hope this helps.

It sounds like you’re trying to offer “filled” carts… Which of course means you have to be verified to sell any kind of hemp on the forum.
Slangers, Read this BEFORE Posting Hemp Products for Sale - Verified / Verification Post (future4200.com)

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This is a tough thread to moderate.
@LandRover20 please make a new thread in a more specific category. We have a vape cart section, and Hempire/want to buy for hemp sales.

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