Looking to buy a great cbd cream/lotion recipe

If anyone has recommendations.

Looking to incorporate emu oil as well or some sort of transdermal amplifier.

But a shea butter baser or something like that would be fine. Just don’t really want to spend the time experimenting as we have a couple clients looking for some options ASAP

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I can help you out, shoot me a DM

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I have a quick and easy option for you. I’ll give you the info for free. DM me if interested.

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This one is great


Boil water, coconut oil and hemp on a stovetop.

There is more to it than that. You just added the dreaded ingredient of water.
Water and Shelf-life dont play nice with each other, you need more than that for lotions.

It’s the cannabutter tek. The next step is putting the pot in the fridge overnight and peeling off the layer of oil the next morning. The water will be nasty and is discarded.

Coconut oil unfortunately melts in the 70s, and I have not yet added anything to keep it a solid at room temperature. The product is not very convenient because it likes being refrigerated, but the stuff really works as a topical anti inflammatory. I just sent some off to get a coa, as I am curious if it has cbda in it due to a decarb that is only partial. People here tend to be skeptical of cbd topicals, so maybe it is something in it beyond the cbd that makes it effective, perhaps some synergistic effects.