Looking for Work - Trimmer, Extractor &Grower

I’m personally looking for work in the southern Cali area. I’m an experienced extractor and trimmer. I have experience with butane extraction along with ethanol exaction as well. I’ve got my own vacuum oven and I’m working on getting my own little lab going in the near future. I’m also good with color remediation and understand how to use a short path system along with a roto vap. I have a good level of experience in that realm. I also am a good trimmer, being able to trim 2 units a day. If i’m trimming just smalls, probably like 1.5 to be honest. Still, I’m looking for work in both fields and I’m willing to travel a little bit so long as it’s worth it. I’m more interested in extraction work, however, I’d be willing to trim for a fair price, especially if it’s indoor. I just love trimming good nug, it feels like art. I’m also an experience grower and have knowledge on how to do a lot in that realm. I can just go over those details directly or you can review all my skills in my resume upon request. Still, let me know what you have to offer, you can email me at efficiovitae@gmail.com or shoot me text - 619-909-8508.

I’m looking for work asap.

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