Looking for Used lab equipments

Got Another lab going up this summer needing some more equipment to finish filling it out, have all the rosin, analytical, hydrocarbon extraction and ancillary equipment already in place but feel free to shoot me what you got! Iā€™m mostly looking for turnkey Rotos/reactors, distillation equipment and possibly a large ethanol centrifuge, in or close to Oklahoma preferably but not required

Also have two new grows we are looking to add too if anyone has anything that might be worthwhile lmk :+1:

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I just sold a bunch of glass on eBay dawg. Or else Iā€™d offer uo.

Bump! Will start reaching out to texts and DMs tomorrow afternoon :+1:

We have a cup 15 and some other pieces. Let me know what you need. Thanks.

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Send me what you got and prices you are thinking in my DM or post them here

Place Iā€™m at now has a big BVV rotovap, just out of box, never even turned on with all the chillers and such to go with it.

Plus probably some other things. Michigan. :slight_smile:

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@Cassin @WisCo Will you send me a DM with details/pics and asking price! Thanks a bunch!

HI.The following centrifuge,reactor,chiller,heater,rotovap, and SS tank have stock in LA warehouse.
Can directly to pick up.Fast delivery after order.
Pls check which item you need.

Hi, We have some euipments in CA warehouse, the new brand but the price is the same as used euipments. are you interested in ?

Please check the price list here. any euipment are you need? please let me know.