Looking for used equipment in Michigan

Hi all.

I’m working at a couple of jobs and we’re looking for some used equipment here in Michigan.

If you have stuff you want to sell, please HMU. And yes, I know I can buy it new, but everyone keeps telling me that people are struggling, so if you have things you want to offload, let me buy some at a slight discount.

Flower Grinders like the HighTek Shredder
Knockboxes 100ct and attachments
Cart Farmers
Ice Machines
Pallet Racking 8ft-10ft tall
Flower sifter
Flower sorting tables
Stainless Steel tables (3x6, 4x6, other sizes let me know!)
Sous Vide
CO2 Tanks
CO2 Tank Pressure Regulators that work with 110v controls/monitors

I’ll probably be done buying everything in the next couple of weeks - so if you have it now, great. Let me know. All COD and I’ll come do local pickup.



What kind of homogenizer? Like a two stage poppet? Or a high shear mixer often called “homogenizers” but if you’re doing any liquid products, you’ll want a single or double stage homogenizer.

I’m not looking for that size at all, or that style. I’m looking for a beefed up emulsion wand. <3

Like an IKA saw tooth? I’ve worked on Homogenizers for about five years and they can mean so many different things. Any more specifics like make/model helps! Thanks

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